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Maharishi Honey for nourishment

When I take the Maharishi Vedic Organic Honey, I feel a very subtle but striking influence of nourishment. Immediately my desire for any other sweetness is gone; in fact I do not feel hungry for a long time afterwards.

J. M., Australia


Maharishi Honey for happiness and good health

Every time I taste Maharishi Honey, I feel happy. It feels as if Maharishi Honey is happiness itself melting inside my mouth.

After taking 750 gram of Maharishi Honey, 1 teaspoon every morning with milk, my chronic stomach irritation disappeared.

Whenever I add 2–3 drops of Maharishi Honey to my facial cleansing regime, my skin texture becomes finer and more radiant right away.

J.S., Hong Kong, China

Maharishi Honey for bliss and nourishment

I find Maharishi Honey is very soothing. Just a tiny little bit on the tongue brings bliss to the whole physiology. It is so sumptuous, it quenches my thirst for something delicious and nourishing with one drop. The physiology becomes satisfied, settled, and balanced right away.

T.Y.S., Taiwan, China


Maharishi Honey for good health

Maharishi Honey is pure life-force. It fills me with glowing, vibrant vitality.

D.S., England


Maharishi Honey for nourishment

Sweet, creamy honey with tiny crystals, Sattwic (pure) and nourishing, a rich blend of exotic flower aromas—presented in a beautifully designed giftbox and jar, appealing to the senses, very satisfying information, and above all, Maharishi's name, which uplifts the heart and guarantees highest quality. Each taste deserves full attention and each jar deserves a special place.

U.A., France


Maharishi Honey for taste

Being a gourmet and having enjoyed many, many delicious honeys during seven decades, I want to say that when tasting Maharishi Honey, I experience the essence of all the flowers' beauty, the vitality of the assiduous honey bees, the warmth of the golden sunshine, and freshness of virgin forests and meadows. And deep gratefulness for this precious Vedic gift of Mother Nature, which has become my preferred honey.

G.L., Germany

Maharishi Honey is the finest and purest honey I have ever tasted.  It melts in no time on the tongue into something I can only describe as the purest and finest nectar of supreme quality and refinement.

I felt how my physiology  was nourished on a very fine and deep level by this nectar and that the nutrients of this special honey, Madhu taste 2 , must have been absorbed on a very deep level in the body.

I noticed more relaxation and more comfort in my muscles. I also noticed a comfortable, warm feeling in my chest, and increased happiness.

I take a small portion of the honey, like a medicine, daily in the morning on an empty stomach, and sometimes also in the afternoon and to me its high potency with its profound beneficial effects on my body and overall well-being  is worth the price.

S.T., Germany


Maharishi Honey to enliven human physiology

Every morning I have my daily appointment with Maharishi Honey, 1/2 a teaspoon.  It makes me smile, because it brings to life all my cells. And they all rejoice together.

T. C., Italy

The Netherlands:

Maharishi Honey for enlivening Cosmic Intelligence in human physiology

Eating Maharishi Honey is like eating Pure Consciousness. The intelligence in it simply dances throughout my body and enlivens a cosmic and divine quality within me. It is a very dramatic experience unlike any eating experience I've had before. I look forward to my little daily dose with eager anticipation.

I'm always surprised at how incredibly delicious it is! No honey has ever tasted so good—rich and light and delicate and refined.

D. D., The Netherlands

Maharishi Honey for taste

The taste is so delightful, the quality so nourishing, feeding orderliness and light into the mind and heart. It feels like eating a Rasåyan (Vedic Medicine) and it is so blissful to feel healthy and grow stronger while enjoying a divinely sweet taste.

G. E., The Netherlands

The main thing to say is I ate it all and it was totally delicious—like no honey I've ever tasted! I noticed from the first spoonful that it had the same nourishing, soothing yet enlivening quality which I experience when eating Maharishi Amrit Kalash.

The taste and texture was something extremely delicate and delightful. I mixed it with some cooked apples and the whole dish became extremely light and gave a delicate quality in the digestive system.

E. L., The Netherlands


Maharishi Honey for good health

I felt this honey is a real natural Rasåyan (Vedic Medicine). I feel Sattwa ( purity), freshness, sweetness, inspiration.

D.D., Russia

Every time we record a song, we first give the singers some Maharishi Honey. Once a Russian singer was having a lot of trouble with her throat and finding it hard to sing, and right after she took some Maharishi Honey, she sang the most beautiful part she had ever sung. She said she felt transformed and felt that all the singers in the world should know about Maharishi Honey if they want to know the secret of how to become good singers!

R.T., Russia

Maharishi Honey for taste

A pleasant, sweet taste brings freshness and satisfaction to the heart.

J. D., Russia


Maharishi Honey for happiness

I immediately became happy.

D.D., Serbia


Maharishi Honey for good health

My sore throat healed in a day after taking Maharishi Honey four to five times, letting it dissolve in the mouth like candy.

H.I., Switzerland

Maharishi Honey for taste

To me Maharishi Honey is very special. It feels very nourishing and harmonizing to my physiology. I am enjoying very much its refined taste and flavour. It's really a great gift of Nature. I don't like to eat other kinds of honey anymore.

B.A., Switzerland


Maharishi Honey for bliss

When I had tasted Maharishi Honey—Madhu taste 2—for the first time, I felt its gentle, fresh sweetness bring such a cooling and joyful feeling to my senses. I felt the sweetness of Åtmå—the BEING of myself—as my feelings, emotions, and physiology were permeated with all blissful sweetness. Maharishi Honey is the best sweetness I have ever tasted!

O.K., Thailand


Maharishi Honey for nourishment

When you hold it in the mouth, you feel a refined and at the same time rich taste of the honey, and as time passes, when the honey starts to be assimilated, you feel a deeply nourishing and satisfying quality in the whole physiology.

L.N., Ukraine

Maharishi Honey to enliven consciousness

Very tasty, soft, tender, refined. A purifying, clarifying quality appears in the consciousness. 

A.D., Ukraine

I feel that Maharishi Honey is not something superficial. It has a very deep influence. It has a very special and delicious taste, but more than this, it touches my consciousness. This is very enjoyable.

I.K., Ukraine


Maharishi Honey for good health

Hearing about all the good properties of honey inspired me to try putting it on a gum that had been sore for several weeks, and by the next day the soreness had completely gone away.


I was given a teaspoon of Maharishi Honey and enjoyed it. I was unaware of the connection of Maharishi Honey to the cranial nerves until a few days later, when I learned that this honey was related to the cranial nerve for teeth. I realized at that moment that a painful tooth, painful for many months, had not been aching at all since that one spoonful of Maharishi Honey. And in the eighteen months since that time, the pain has not come back.

J. N., USA

When I eat Maharishi Honey, I get a warm feeling inside and can feel all parts of my physiology being nourished and brought into balance. I have had the experience of not feeling my best, then taking some Maharishi Honey, and within a very short time feeling completely healthy again. Maharishi Honey has profound healing properties and is another great blessing from Maharishi.

I. E., USA

I feel that Maharishi Honey is a Rasåyan (Vedic Medicine) rather than just a sweetener. Maharishi Honey strengthens my physiology on very deep levels.

I use Maharishi Honey on my face every day. I apply a little dab of it mixed with a little almond oil to my face after I  spray my face with rose water. It has a very softening, moisturizing, and nourishing effect.

Other honeys feel like they are dead compared to Maharishi Honey, which is full of lively intelligence.


Each morning I take a teaspoon of Maharishi Honey with water. It is a sweetening Rasåyan (Vedic Medicine) to begin the day.  All the liveliness within the honey creates a wholeness of energy and well-being in my physiology. So much in one little spoonful.


Since using Maharishi Honey, I have not had a cold, bronchitis, nor influenza of pneumonia. These ailments have 'visited' me every winter for the past five or six years. It is wonderful to read about the antibacterial property of this honey. It is even better to be disease-free.


Maharishi Honey for nourishment and taste

I really look forward to a spoonful of Maharishi honey each day, and feel a nourishing and strengthening influence from it. The honey is delicious, and is more pure, subtle, and refined than any other honey I have ever had.


Maharishi Honey is the most wonderfully delicious honey I have ever tasted! It is like nectar. It has a very refined, complex taste, like the perfume of countless flowers, and I always feel good when I eat it. It is satisfying on the subtlest level.


Maharishi Honey has a very different quality than other honeys. It has a light, airy quality and feels like soft, melted gold. The effect on the palate is gentle, and it hardly seems to have to be digested; it just seems to get integrated into the body spontaneously.


Taking Maharishi Honey makes me happy. Every day my physiology looks forward to both the taste and the effect of the honey. First comes the taste of sweetness with a hint of a nutty flavour, not overpowering, sweetness with a little tang. The honey is not liquid, its volume is full and rich, like a royal honey. The burst of divine flavour in one's mouth is a delight. Then the body feels nourished. Every cell in the body feels refreshed and balanced, stronger. A great way to start the day.


Maharishi Honey for instant bliss and nutrition

When the delectable flavour of Maharishi Honey hits my taste buds there is an instant flood of bliss throughout my physiology, especially in my brain. It feels like instant nutrition. Maharishi Honey is nectar filled with bliss, nourishment, and vitality.

Thank you so very much.

M. M., USA

Maharishi Honey for greater wakefulness

I've noticed that when I have even a tiny amount of Maharishi Vedic Honey in the morning or before lunch, that I experience more wakefulness on a subtle level during my TM-Sidhi Programme and during the day. It brings a vitality and purity to my mind and feelings. Thank you for this precious, most Sattwic [pure] gift.

B. S., USA

Maharishi Honey for beauty

I have always loved the refined, superior taste of Maharishi Honey, and I have been impressed with the special enlivenment of life-force in my whole physiology whenever I eat it. However, recently I have discovered a cosmetic value that is extremely delightful.

For many months my face was breaking out in very tiny red blemishes. My normal cleaning routine did not seem to change the situation. Over the years the pores of my face were getting larger and the lines a little deeper. Once I even got out a magnify glass to examine what was going on.

A friend suggested I try adding milk and honey to my face-washing routine. I had used milk and honey from time to time in the distant past and I had never noticed much benefit. My friend encouraged me that the crystallized quality of Maharishi Honey had a gentle, but great exfoliating quality that would really help this kind of problem.

I washed my face with milk and honey and let it remain on my skin for five minutes before I rinsed it off. I noticed such a change after using Maharishi Honey and milk one time, that I got the magnify glass out again to see how my skin had improved. It was impressive. In four days all the blemishes that had been there for months were gone.

And after ten days my pores looked forty per cent smaller. The overall quality of my skin looks less tired and lifeless, and the lines have been reduced by about twenty per cent. It is nice to find something so completely natural that can do so much.

L. W., USA

Maharishi Honey Cards for enjoyment

What a treasure these honey cards are. I was looking at it even more closely, and the incredible detail and attention that went into it is really phenomenal.  From the very first moment, the beautiful pop-up pictures of Maharishi Honey against a lush green flower filled field and forest with the beautiful picture of Maharishi delight the eye, and present a sparkling and lively display to entice the mind. 

Even the very comfortable but substantial "slim-line" construction of the card presents a lightweight but easy-to-put-in-the-pocket-without-crushing it" situation which is very appreciated for the busy "on-the-go" modern-day honey user.

Then, opening the card to the delightful strains of your beautiful honey jingle is so much fun, and the jingle is just long enough for one to have a chance to look carefully at all the marvelous touches that have been made in this glorious diarama where one feels like you are right there with all the Vedic Bees.

My favorite of course is the sparkling golden world with the little Vedic bees carrying their flags of the Global Country of World Peace.  Who wouldn't just melt at seeing that?

Then, when the song finishes but you haven't had a chance to read all the very interesting-looking information so artistically presented on the sides, of course you have to play the card a second time, and perhaps even a third, because you don't want to miss even one word of that "must have" knowledge which is being given to you so blissfully.

Once having explored the front and inside of the card, then naturally one turns over the card to see what is awaiting one on the back. Another world of information and the beautiful mandala presenting at-a-glance the very practical knowledge from the Vedic Literature.

And of course the one thing that caught my eye on the back cover was Maharishi's quote, a very fitting thing to leave with, giving you a charge to "take advantage of this knowledge" and go out right now and buy your Maharishi Honey!

Having been completely fulfilled and delighted with the exquisitely beautiful Maharishi Honey card, then one final touch comes to the awareness.  The front of the card closes with magnets, allowing the card to tastefully stay closed until the next time you want to go exploring. Fabulous! Please do convey my deep thanks and appreciation for this delightful treasure. I was very touched to receive one and am now going off to have a spoonful of Maharishi Honey in celebration. :)



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